DS5x series

User Programmable Stepper Motor Controller with Modbus-RTU Fieldbus

Matching motors

  • NEMA 17 standard flange
  • Torque up to 0.5Nm (71oz-In)
  • Current from 0.7Arms up to 1.7Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
  • Torque up to 3Nm (425oz-In)
  • Current from 0.62Arms up to 6Arms
  • NEMA 34 standard flange
  • Torque up to 12Nm (1416oz-In)
  • Current from 2.8Arms up to 10Arms
  • NEMA 42 standard flange
  • Torque up to 29Nm (4107oz-In)
  • Current from 5Arms up to 10Arms
DS5x series

DS5x Family Overview

The bipolar stepper motor drives belonging to the DS5x series are provided with Fieldbus in standard Modbus-RTU and communication interface RS485 (DS50 series), RS232 (DS52 series) and USB (DS54 series ).

To the same network can be connected up to 247 drives, even different in size, referenceable individually or through global commands (executed simultenously by all the connected devices).

The DS5x drives are manufactured using the latest digital technology and offer high performances without compromises. With a resolution at 1/128 of step (equal to 25600 step/rev with a 1.8° motor) they can drive the motor up to 3000rpm allowing in many case to substitute very expensive servo system.

The wide model range allows to choose between products with supply voltage from 18Vdc up to 240Vdc and phase current from 0.3Arms up to 10Arms (corresponding to more than 14Apk, also called Imax). The extremely compact dimensions reach a maximum size of just 100x35x119mm (3.94x1.38x4.69in).

The removable terminal blocks and the quick installation on DIN rail contribute to make the DS5x stepper motor drives the ideal choice for the modern industrial automation requirements.


The drive can work both in speed and position control mode and it is even possible to switch between them dynamically, also with the motor running and without loss of step.

The speed and/or position set point may change at any time, without having to wait for the completion of the previous positioning. It is possible to do the same with the parameters of acceleration and deceleration as the powerful integrated algorithm recalculates in real time the new path of the motor at each variation of the motion parameters.


The DS5x drives have the same programming characteristics of the DS30 series with assignment functions, conditional jump, mathematical calculation at 32bit, etc.

Furthermore, the product is particularly flexible thanks to the complete set of I/O and to the possibility to freely declare variables from 8bit up to 32bit of length.

Many application can be realized using only the DS5x drives and avoiding the cost and complexity associated with the use of external controllers (PLC, etc.).

The programming is made simple and intuitive by the free software UDP Commander, available for download to the registered users. The software, as well as guide the users in the program writing, offers powerful debug functionalities which are a valuable help in the application development. The debugging tools allow for example to monitor the flow of the program or to alter its execution, to insert break points, to display in real time the content of the registers and of the user's variables and it is even possible to change manually their value also with the program running.

Inputs and outputs

The set of I/O is complete and includes digital inputs and output, -10/10V analog inputs and a 0/10V analog outputs with short-circuit protection. The digital inputs are at extended range (from 3Vdc up to 28Vdc) and can be driven either by 5V, 12V or 24V without the need of external resistors. For each input both connections are available making possible to realize connections NPN, PNP or mixed. The digital inputs are also designed to be driven by Line Driver balanced outputs.

Current control and protections

The phase current of the stepper motor is accurately controlled through a proprietary algorithm which grants a low heat dissipation either on the drive and on the motor. The automatic current reduction and the dynamic control are of further help to maintain low the running temperatures even in heavy applications.

The drives are protected against short-circuit, over and under-voltage and against over-heating (thermal protection). An innovative feature detects the broken motor phase condition helping to avoid positioning errors even before the motor starts to move.


DS50 series DS50 series
  • Modbus-RTU fieldbus RS485
  • Up to 3000rpm at 1/128 steps/rev
  • 32bit mathematical functions
  • Digital and analog I/O
DS52 series DS52 series
  • Modbus-RTU fieldbus RS232
  • Up to 3000rpm at 1/128 steps/rev
  • 32bit mathematical functions
  • Digital and analog I/O
DS54 series DS54 series
  • Modbus-RTU fieldbus USB
  • Up to 3000rpm at 1/128 steps/rev
  • 32bit mathematical functions
  • Digital and analog I/O

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