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DDS1 drives

DDS1 series, stepper motor drives controllable by pulse train or analog signal

  • Pulses control include STEP/DIR, CW/CCW and A/B quadrature signals
  • Control via analog signal +/-10V or START/STOP
  • Operating modes: Speed, Position, Torque
  • Step-less vector control
  • Optional closed-loop operation with torque control
  • AC and DC power supply
  • Separate supply voltage for power and logic
  • Motor brake control
  • Phase current up to 10Arms (14.1Apk)
  • Compact dimension and easy installation on DIN rail
  • Free engineering tool Omni Automation IDE
  • Normally immediately available for delivery from stock
DDS1 drives
The DDS1 series stepper motor drives can be controlled by pulse train or analogue signal. It is also possible to control the motor in START/STOP, with speeds selectable from digital I/O or analog input, with total control of the acceleration and deceleration ramps.

The full digital implementation ensures accurate control of the stepper motor in every operating mode; Position, Speed or Torque.

The old concept of step is abandoned in favor of STEP-LESS driving mode which allows you to freely define the relationship between the applied pulses and the position of the motor.

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