Programmable Stepper Motor Driver 50Vdc 1.4Arms (2Apk)

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Matching motors

M1233031 M1233031
  • Torque 1Nm (142oz-In)
  • Current 0.62Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
M1233021 M1233021
  • Torque 0.8Nm (113oz-In)
  • Current 0.62Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
M1233011 M1233011
  • Torque 0.55Nm (77oz-In)
  • Current 0.62Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
M1173040 M1173040
  • Torque 0.5Nm (71oz-In)
  • Current 0.7Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange
M1173030 M1173030
  • Torque 0.4Nm (56oz-In)
  • Current 0.7Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange
M1173021 M1173021
  • Torque 0.28Nm (39oz-In)
  • Current 1.3Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange
M1173020 M1173020
  • Torque 0.28Nm (39oz-In)
  • Current 0.7Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange

Family Overview

The programmable stepper motor drive of the DS30 series are the right choice for those applications which require an accurate motor control in speed and position. The built-in»read more

Technical Data

Power Supply Voltage From 18Vdc up to 50Vdc
Phase Current From 0.3Arms up to 1.4Arms in increments of 0.1Arms
Control Mode Fully user programmable via free tool UDP Commander
Performance Up to 3000rpm with 1/128 of step resolution
Function blocks Assignment
Jump and subroutine call, conditional and unconditional
Wait for Event
Math 32bit
Logical operations (OR, AND, XOR, and SHIFT)
User Variables Freely declarable with 1byte, 2byte, 3byte and 4byte size.
Special Features High-speed counter also usable for Encoder
Quote captures on the transition of one or more inputs
Automatic current reduction
Digital Inputs 4 optoisolated: DI0, DI1, DI2, DI3 freely usable
Operating from 3V up to 28V at constant current
Each one NPN, PNP or Line Drive compatible
Digital Outputs 2 optoisolated: FAULT
Operating up to 30V 50mA
Each one NPN or PNP compatible
Analog Inputs 2 converted to 11bit: AI0, AI1
Operating from -10V up to 10V
Also usable as digital inputs
Analog Outputs 1 converted to 10bit: AO0
Operating from 0V up to 10V
Current up to 10mA
Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics Over and under voltage, thermal, Phase Motor interrupted
Short circuit phase to phase, phase to ground, phase-supply
Univocal indication for each anomaly
Connections By functional removable terminal block. Section of cable up to AWG14
Dimensions 100(H) x 17.5(L) x 119(W) mm
3.94(H) x 0.69(L) x 4.69(W) inches
Weight 185g


  • FREE programming software!
  • Up to 3000rpm at 1/128 steps/rev
  • All motion parameters changeable in realtime, also with motor running
  • 32bit mathematical functions
  • Digital and analog I/O
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail
  • Analog inputs also usable as digital inputs
  • Compact size
  • IP20 protection grade