Stepping Motor Driver 160Vdc 4Arms (5.6Apk)

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Technical Data

Power Supply Voltage From 45Vdc up to 160Vdc
Phase Current From 2Arms up to 4Arms in increments of 0.1Arms
Control Mode Step and Direction. Start/Stop
Digital Inputs 4 optoisolated: STEP, DIRECTION, ENABLE, BOOST
Operating from 3V up to 28V at constant current
Each one NPN, PNP or Line Drive compatible
Step subdivision Microstepping. Selectable from full step to 1/128 step
STEP Max Frequency 300KHz
Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics Over and under voltage, thermal, Phase Motor interrupted
Short circuit phase to phase, phase to ground, phase-supply
Univocal indication for each anomaly
Connections By terminal block. Section of cable up to AWG14
Dimensions 78(H) x 110(L) x 25(W) mm
3.07(H) x 4.33(L) x 0.98(W) inches
Weight 155g


  • Compact size
  • Resolution up to 25600 steps/rev
  • Integrated oscillator
  • Gate function for the control of several drives with a single STEP source
  • Damping of resonances
  • Power output stage at high efficiency
  • Digital I/O signal conditioning
  • Low cost