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Serial converter

Industrial Serial Converters and line extenders

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The industrial serial converters and the line extenders manufactured by LAM Technologies are widely used in industrial plants.

The product range is realized in digital technology and ensures reliability and repeatability in the results.

The galvanic isolation among the input signals, the power supply and the output signals, combined with a strong protection to electrostatic charges, always guarantees a perfect working of the converters, even in the hardest conditions.


CNV30 series CNV30 series
  • Triple insulation (between each port and the power supply)
  • Fully digital implementation
  • Auto Baud Rate for the automatic and dynamic detection of rate and format transmission
  • Drivers for Windows (from 98SE up to Windows 10 32bit or 64bit) and Linux
  • Integrated protection to electrostatic charges up to 15KV
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail

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