Step and Direction

STEP and DIRECTION Microstepping Drives

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Power supply Power supply
  • Single or three phase input
  • Braking resistor control
  • Integrated capacitors discharge circuit
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail

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  • NEMA 17 standard flange
  • Torque up to 0.75Nm (106oz-In)
  • Current from 0.7Arms up to 2.5Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
  • Torque up to 3Nm (425oz-In)
  • Current from 0.62Arms up to 6Arms
  • NEMA 34 standard flange
  • Torque up to 12Nm (1416oz-In)
  • Current from 2.8Arms up to 10Arms
  • NEMA 42 standard flange
  • Torque up to 29Nm (4107oz-In)
  • Current from 5Arms up to 10Arms
Step and Direction LAM Technologies manufacturers a wide range of bipolar stepper motor drives, pulse train controlled, with the traditional STEP and DIRECTION signals.

We offer drives designed to be mounted on DIN rail (DS10 series), open versions for panel mounting (OS10 series), very compact versions for wall fixing (LS10 series) and finally modules for PCB mounting (USD series).

The fractionation step reaches 25600 steps per revolution and the maximum input frequency exceeds 300KHz.

The power range is extraordinarily wide and includes models with supply voltage from 18Vdc up to 240Vdc and current from 0.3Arms up to 10Arms (corresponding to 14Apk or 14Imax). Within the same family the various models share the same electrical connections and mechanical fasteners and this makes easy and quick the migrations upwards or downwards of one's own application.

Many models are supplied also with the AC input (alternating current) which, thanks to the integrated power supply, can be directly connected to the transformer.

The high performance, the compact size, the availability from stock and the low cost have for years determined the success of our microstepping drives, controllable with STEP and DIRECTION signals, which are successfully used in applications including pantographs CNC, labelling, plasma and laser cutting, cartesian robots, solar chasers, etc.


DS10 series DS10 series
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail
  • IP20 protection grade
  • Removable terminal blocks
LS10 series LS10 series
  • Compact size
  • Wall mounting
  • Low cost
OS10 series OS10 series
  • Compact size
  • Panel mounting
  • Low cost
USD series USD series
  • PCB mounting
  • Mictrostepping with change of the resolution on the fly
  • Compact size

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