xS10 series

Microstepping Drives for Stepper motor

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Matching motors

  • NEMA 17 standard flange
  • Torque up to 0.75Nm (106oz-In)
  • Current from 0.7Arms up to 2.5Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
  • Torque up to 3Nm (425oz-In)
  • Current from 0.62Arms up to 6Arms
  • NEMA 24 standard flange
  • Torque up to 3.2Nm (453oz-In)
  • Current from 4.2Arms up to 6Arms
  • NEMA 34 standard flange
  • Torque up to 12Nm (1416oz-In)
  • Current from 2.8Arms up to 10Arms
  • NEMA 42 standard flange
  • Torque up to 29Nm (4107oz-In)
  • Current from 5Arms up to 10Arms
xS10 series

Family Overview

Maximum reliability, high performance, small footprint and low cost are the guidelines followed in the design of the stepper motor drives belonging to the xS10 series .

The company's know-how, gained in over 30 years of experience, has allowed to create a range of drives characterized by compact size, low cost and innovative features.

All the models can drive the stepper motor in bipolar mode, with a resolution up to 1/128 steps, both decimal and binary.

The wide range of models, all available from stock, includes drives with phase current from 0.3Arms up to 10Arms (14Apk o 14Imax) and supply voltage from 18Vdc to 240Vdc. Many models are also available with AC power.

The xS10 drives operate through the standard STEP and DIRECTION signals or via the internal oscillator, which allows to control the motor rotation through a common start/stop signal.

The exclusive feature Gate allows to connect more drives to a single STEP pulse generator.

The ENABLE and BOOST inputs for the dynamic current control and the FAULT output complete the equipment.

Each I/O is optoisolated and independently configurable in PNP, NPN or Line Driver. The operating voltage of the inputs is exceptionally wide (from 3Vdc to 28Vdc) to allow the connection to any control without the need to include external components (such as resistors).

The drive has efficient features to fully protect its integrity against the most common occurring problems. Particularly appreciated is the exclusive broken phase diagnostic, able to prevent positioning errors, which signals wiring problems or motor anomalies.

Like any other modern technology product the firmware of the drive can be updated and is free available. This ensures the user to always have an up-to-date and performing product, complete with all the newest features.


DS10 series DS10 series
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail
  • IP20 protection grade
  • Removable terminal blocks
LS10 series LS10 series
  • Compact size
  • Wall mounting
  • Low cost
OS10 series OS10 series
  • Compact size
  • Panel mounting
  • Low cost

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