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M1433040 Stepping Motor
M1433040 Stepping Motor
The NEMA42 stepper motors family is enhanced with the new model M1433040, capable of delivering 29Nm of»read more
3D Stepping Motor Models
3D Stepping Motor Models
Registered users can download 3D models of LAM Technologies stepper motors NEMA17, »read more


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Stepper Drives Stepper Drives
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail
  • Integrated oscillator
  • Low-cost versions
  • Up to 3000rpm at 1/128 steps/rev
  • 32bit mathematical functions
  • FREE programming software!
Stepper Motors Stepper Motors
  • High torque density
  • NEMA standard flange
  • Excellent dynamic performance
  • Optimized for microstepping drive
  • Double shaft versions available
  • Custom shaft and winding available
Power supply Power supply
  • Single or three phase input
  • Braking resistor control
  • Integrated capacitors discharge circuit
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail
Serial converter Serial converter
  • Triple insulation (between each port and the power supply)
  • Fully digital implementation
Tools Tools
  • FREE programming software!
  • Isolated programming interface
  • Economic solutions
Spare parts Spare parts
  • Kit pack
  • Multi-pack
  • Adapters, standard and custom cables